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Abreviações usadas na Internet

99 - nighty-night
#/form - age and sex
a/s/l - age sex location
afaik - as far as I know
afk - away from keyboard
aka - also known as
asap - as soon as possible
brb - be right back
bbl - be back later
bbs - be back soon
beg - big evil grin
bf - boyfriend
btw - by the way
bwl - bursting with laughter
c u l8r - see you later
c&g - chuckle and grin
cid - crying in disgrace
cnp - continued (in my) next post
cp - chat post (a chat message)
crbt - crying real big tears
csg - chuckle snicker grin
cuz - because
cya - see ya
cyal8r see you later
cym - see your mail
cypm - see your private/personal messages/mail
d/l - download
dltbbb - don't let the bed bugs bite
dom - dirty old man
eg - evil grin
emsg - email message
faq - frequently asked questions
fc - fingers crossed
ftbomh - from the bottom of my heart
fubar - f***ed up beyond all repair
fyi - for your information
fwiw - for what it's worth
gal - get a life
gf - girlfriend
gfn - gone for now
gg - gotta go
ggp - gotta go pee
gmbo - giggling my butt off
gmta - great minds think alike
gtsy - glad to see you
gotta, outta, wanna* - got to, out of, want to
h&k - hug and kiss
hag1 - have a good one
hagn - have a good night
hhis - hanging head in shame
hot chat - an explicit chat between two people
hub - head up butt
iae - in any event
igp - i gotta pee
IM - in aol, you can Instant Message people (chat, one-on-one)
imho - in my humble opinion
imnsho - in my not so humble opinion
imo - in my opinion
iow - in other words
irl - in real life
iwalu - i will always love you
jk - joking or just kidding
jmo - just my opinion
jtlyk - just to let you know
k - okay
kic - kiss on cheek
kill the caps - don't use the CAPS LOCK key
kit - keep in touch
kma - kiss my ass
kol - kiss on lips
kotc - kiss on the cheek
kotl - kiss on the lips
l8r g8r - later 'gator
lhm - Lord help me
lho - laughing head off
lhu - Lord help us
lol - laugh out loud
lmso - laughing my socks off
lmao - laughing my ass off
lmbo - laughing my butt off
lmho - laughing my head off
lshmbb - laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
lshmbh - laughing so hard my belly hurts
ltns - long time no see
lts - laughing to self
ly - love ya
luwamh - love you with all my heart
mtf - more to follow
nadt - not a darn thing
nrn - no reply necessary
ne1 - anyone
netua - nobody ever tells us anything
nta - none technical acronym
obtw - oh, by the way
ok - all correct
ol - old lady (wife, girlfriend)
om - old man (husband, boyfriend)
oic - oh, I see
om - old man (significant other)
omg - oh my god
otoh - on the other hand
ottomh - off the top of my head
outie - (I'm) leaving
paw - parents are watching
pda - public display of affection
pds - please don't shoot
pics - pictures
pm - private message
pmfji - pardon me for jumping in
pmp - peed my pants
poahf - put on a happy face
proggie - program
ps - post script
pws - password stealer
qsl - reply
qso - conversation
qt - cutie
r u - are you
re - hi again
rl - real life
roff - rolling on the floor farting
rofl - rolling on floor laughing
rolfapmp - roll on floor and peed my pants
rolflmao - roll on floor laughing my ass off
rolflmaoay - roll on floor laughing my ass off at you
rolflmaowtime - roll on floor laughing my ass off with tears in my eyes
rofluts - roll on floor laughing unable to speak
rotfl - roll on the floor laughing
rtf - read the f***ing manual
rtsm - read the stupid manual
sete - smiling ear to ear
shid - slaps head in disgust
sn - screen name
snafu - situation normal, all f***ed up
snert - snot-nosed egotistical rude teenager
so - significant other
sot - short of time
sotmg - short of time must go
spam - junk mail
swak - sealed with a kiss
swl - screaming with laughter
sys - see you soon
syt - sweet young thing
ta - thanks again
tia - thanks in advance
tcoy - take care of yourself
thanx or thx - thanks
tilii - tell it like it is
tnt - till next time
toy - thinking of you
ttfn - ta ta for now
ttyl - talk to you later
tx - thanks
ur - your/you're
waz up - what's up
wb - welcome back; write back
wrt - with respect to
wtf - what the f***
wth - what/who the heck
wtg - way to go
ybs - you'll be sorry
yg - young gentleman
yl - young lady
ym - young man
ymmv - your milage may vary
ywia - you're welcome in advance
*G* - giggle or grin
*H* - hug
*K* - kiss
*S* - sob
*W* - wink

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